We offer modern solutions for growing your business

We are a team of talented and professional IT specialists that solve business problems using IT solutions

Who We Are

We are IT company that provide IT solutions such as Software development, Digital Marketing, and IT consultancy.

Shahuci Global Resources focuses mainly in empowering both local and foriegn businesses with state of the art IT solutions ranging from Web development, Digital Marketing, software management and maintainance, IT consultancy and other IT Services.


Our Qualitative Values

Qualitative Service

Service Delivery

Customer Support


Services We Offer

Web Development

IT Consultancy

Software Development

Digital Marketing

IT Management & Maintainance


Some of our solutions


We provide all kinds of website from single page websites to very complex ones that need extra features and customizations

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Information Management System

For managing, processing, and storing of data & information, we provide a secured, reliable IMS for you.

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VTU Platform

In SGR, we have experience for building VTU platforms that can give you a recurrent income to your business

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School Management Software

Our school management software is very good tool that help schools manage their activities easily

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ERP Solutions

With our ERP solution, any kind of business can bring a drastic management and operating changes to its business

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E-commerce Platform

You can grow your business with our cutting-edge e-commerce solution that will provide you with a user-friendly online shop

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